User Experience Professional, Go-Getter, Starter.

I am practicing user experience designer based in San Francisco Bay Area. I work with and learn every day from a team of stellar designers at Wells Fargo. But before that, I was a Software Architect, and UX team of one for couple of projects. Also in my leisure time I do explore the interaction design thus create apps for that matter, so far I came up with 6 apps 4 for iOS platform, and 2 for Windows Phone platform.

Founder of @Qurtaba and @TapPixl, the pioneer of Urdu Apps on iOS Platform and video filtering bit on Windows Phone 8 platform.

If time permits, I do freelancing related to all thing UX from TapPixl, and Qurtaba platform.

Last but not least, I am very much thankful to my mentor Susan Farrell. Thanks for her guidance, and encouragement during my transitioning period from Software Architecture to User Experience profession. Because of her constant guidance, and her encouragement I was able to learn the whole new world of User Experience, and also able to get the treasure of interaction design, and usability knowledge from the industry gurus, like Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini, and Jakob Nielsen.  




I have worked with a large spectrum of clients from Fortune 1000 companies to tech startups. Through work and freelance, I am good at finding pattern in chaos.


  • Mudassir is phenomenal

    Mudassir is phenomenal. I’ve worked with many professionals in tech in my career and he rocks. He’s creative, reliable and an expert in UX design. I learned a lot from Mudassir and when our project was done, I was sad because I wanted to work with him more. I recommend Mudassir in the highest way possible. If you have a chance to work with or hire him, do it!

    Robert Ross – Founder, WishPop

  • Creative, Diligent and Constant

    It is a pleasure to work with Mudassir, he has great enthusiasm and energy for producing great work. He is creative, diligent and constant in his effort to work on UI/UX ideas and designs and produce better results. I highly recommend him.

    John Tilly – CEO, 365 Media

  • Mudassir is an ever-enthusiastic individual who applies his boundless energy to every project with which he is involved. His positive outlook and “can do” attitude are always appreciated, and he is an excellent team player. I beleive that Mo is a great asset to every project he works on, and he has my unconditional recommendation

    Matt Leedham – Director, Business Applications Management, AMB Inc

  • Mudassir has a passion for user experience

    I have had the pleasure of having Mudassir on my team for over 4 years and I highly recommend him and his work.

    He is incredibly positive and full of enthusiasm. He can energize a team and keep everyone positive even under the most intense pressure.

    Technically, Mudassir has very strong architecture and development skills in .Net technologies (C#, ASP.Net, Silverlight) as well as experience with databases and mobile device development. Specifically, Mudassir developed entire modules on an incredibly complex ASP.NET application. He also led the UI/UX development for some beautiful Silverlight projects. And when new technologies arises, Mudassir is the internal reference for others. If he is not already on top of it, he will be very quickly.

    In addition to technical skills, Mudassir has a passion for user experience (UX) and deep experience applying UX principles to new business situations and new technologies to produce novel solutions

    Alex Woolf – Vice President


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