User Experience, driven by Mobile Network Operator.

Today when I saw the news about “Google Buzz” at work, all of my office mates did try to find out if Google Buzz is available for them yet, some get success and some don’t. I as an Android phone user did try it from T-Mobile myTouch3G, guess what? It throw me to the page where it says only Android 2.0+ phones are able to use the Google Buzz.

That’s where I discussed the “reason why I still love iPhone” with him, Apple don’t discriminate on the basis of Software Updates with its users, reason?  One Company, One Distribution Channel, One Device Manufacturer.  I know we heard tons of time that Apple is bad (or good depends on to whom you are talking) that they control everything except the “Network”. Google on other hand with there semi-open-source Mobile OS and then there are different manufacturers coming up with the Android based phone now almost every month.

Here I am in a very limbo situation from a user perspective, why there is no symmetry on Android core firmware distribution? Is Network Carrier are the one who are suppose to decide what type of firmware I should have it? Crippled their experience? Check out the XDA Forums it fills with that kind of info, the brave Geeks of Android did their magic and still doing it to make the Experience superb! I myself running the T-Mobile Rooted Firmware and it gives me the boost on certain thing for instance… sliding my fingers on the screen and making the screen moves little faster than before (with the default Firmware).

I know here we can debate “buy the Google Nexus or Motorola Droid”, let me tell you… I need it on what I have, not what I don’t have.

I think the best way to approach this problem is let the Google give away the Android updates from there channel solely, and then if Mobile Network Operator and/or Manufacturer decide to put the ‘layer’ on it (see HTC Sense UI, MotorolaBlur, Sony Rachael UI, and Samsung TouchWiz UI for instance) they can ask there device users’ to download that ‘layer’ from their website. Only those who are interested will do it, and I think if your layer is so “Average Joe Friendly” they will for sure get it and it will fly from your server like a hot-cake.

I once told my God Father that …. “Google Android Phones are not for you, because you don’t want complexity in your life… However it is for those who either enjoy the complexities or love complications in their lives and enjoy the Dancing Bear”.

Happy Complexicating