WordPress Themes for Project Management

I am still looking in to the the Project Management Themes related to the WordPress Platform, however I am not so much satisfied with any of them out there, may be I am not looking hard, however here are some my findings:

  1. P2
  2. GTD Templatic
  3. Prologue

Why I need it?

Why can’t I settle with the Basecamp and other related online project management? Why shouldn’t I try the Google Task? Simple answer…they are owned by third-party. “Trust Factor”, I wanna keep the stuff private according to my own terms. However I need access to it wherever I go, can sync with Mobile Apps like 2DO & Awesome Notes, Outlook Sync should be there for me. I need my own cloud, my very own cloud with pure Utopia of Accessibility.

PogoPlug for Pictures is superb! However using third-party bridge is also risky, and still it effects the “Trust Factor”. Anyways, sounds like a big adventure for me so far to find the holy-grail of accessibility by setting up the private cloud ( a daunting task ).

I will post my findings time to time in this context on my blog, so stay tuned!

RockMelt, I won’t use ya!

RockMelt, I won’t use you if you wanna access my friend’s brithday, and my custom friend list. Let me use RockMelt, according to my own terms Give me an option, and enable/disable features of your RockMelt accordingly. If you need full detail and then I can use it, you know what? Forget it! Won’t bother to try it out. Thanks, but not thanks!

Web Form Design – Luke Wroblewski @ UX Book Club San Francisco

Where: UX Book Club San Francisco

Book: Web Form Design – Luke Wroblewski

Date: November 16, 2010

Book structure

(informal table of contents)


The Design of Forms – Form Design matters, The impact of Form Design, Design considerations. Form Organization What to include, Have a conversation, Organizing content, Group Distinctions Path to Completion Name that Form, Start Pages, Clear scan lines, Minimal Distractions, Progress indicators, Tabbing


Labels Label alignment, Top-aligned labels, Right-aligned labels, Left-aligned labels, Labels Within inputs, Mixed alignments Input Fields Types of input Fields, Field lengths, Required Fields, Input groups, Flexible inputs Actions Primary and secondary actions, Placement, Actions in Progress, Agree and submit Help Text When to help, Automatic inline help, User-activated inline help, User-activated section help, Secure transactions Errors and Success Errors, Success, No Dead ends


Inline Validation Confirmation, Suggestions, Limits Unnecessary Inputs Removing questions, Smart Defaults, Personalized Defaults, Additional Inputs Inline additions, Overlays, Progressive engagement Selection-Dependent Inputs Page-level selection, Horizontal tabs, Vertical tabs, Drop-Down list, Expose below radio buttons, Expose Within radio buttons, Exposed inactive, Exposed groups Gradual Engagement Signing Up, Getting engaged What’s Next? The Disappearing Form, The changing Form, Getting it built

Useful Links:

Data Monday: Input Matters on Mobile


Sign-up Form Must Die

Text Input on Mobile is Hard But…

Input: Moving Beyond Forms

Web Form Design in Action

Don’t Put Hints Inside Text Boxes in Web Forms By Caroline Jarrett

Label Alignment in Long Forms | Paper Prototyping for Engineers

Form vs. Function

Web Form Designs Examples:

Blog Comments Design:


Solving the “Repeat Email Address” Form Issue . May Be. (By Russ Unger & Jonathan Knoll)

Useful links related to the development of the book:


Interfaces and Future

These days tap tap, flick left & right, touch and hold becomes our natural interaction on mobile devices, now here comes the Kinect, no touchy touchy all waving the gestures in the air, and making sure  device attached to it do understand and translate the gestures.

Then we just entering in to the “3D” Hologram Interface, and the first entry in this category that is portable so far I can see ishttp://gizmodo.com/5040631/3d-app-converts-iphone-into-window-to-alternative-world . So that makes me think that evolution is speeding at 100 MPH and if we keep going in this direction, the Minority Report Interface, Star Trek like Gadgets will be a toy.

Let see how things will surprise us, till then we can enjoy the happiness of “tap tap, flick left & right, touch and hold” bliss and the big treat on this Christmas with Kinect.

Kinect & Possibilities

Kinect is here, and it is becoming Hackers’ Delight. Check out the cool hack they did on it:


Now what can be done is totally depend on your imagination, for instance as I was thinking about the possible use of Kinect in User Experience arena and here are my thoughts/ideas:

The 50″ Big White-board:

Hold an imaginary Marker and wave in a Writing Motion to draw your Mockups on virtual whiteboard, it can be anything. You can also use the tool “Post-It” notes and sort them out, dictate your wordings using Voice Recognition, and then start brainstorming your idea by waving gestures! Isn’t it amazing!?


On the left side of your 50″ LCD TV you can have a Mindmap controls, and then drag them by selecting them (using the wave gesture) and then place them. However I am still not sure how we will type the content in the Mindmap Boxes? I think Voice-Recognition will be helpful here, but need to think more in detail.

Card Sorting Landscape:

You first define the Logical Grouping and then Virtual Index Cards are given to the selected person, sort it under the Logical Grouping accordingly and then submit the result, it is fun and cheerful experience.

Kinect Balsamiq

I think it will be fun project to do, when implementing the Kinect interface on Balsamiq. Would be fun to draw wireframes by “Waving”.

There are many more possibilities, what’s yours?